2020 State of Healthcare Recruiting Report

We surveyed hundreds of healthcare job seekers to bring you the first ever report specifically on the state of healthcare recruiting!

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What's In the 2020 Report?

In the first ever report on the state of healthcare recruiting, we surveyed hundreds of job seekers and candidates who are looking for jobs in healthcare from nurses, to technicians, to IT and customer service professionals. And what we found will both shock you and, well, not shock you. For example, did you know that only 43% of job seekers are satisfied with the application process!? But don't worry, we also have real feedback from job seekers on what they want to see changed. So don't delay, fill out the form and get your copy today!

Conversational recruiting is on the rise. Find out how you can use conversational recruiting to engage healthcare job seekers.
Only 43% of healthcare job seekers are satisfied with the application process. Boost your candidate experience by understanding the breakdown.
While 15% of job seekers have interacted with a recruiting chatbot, it is a fast growing communication channel. Find out more in the report. Download now!

About the Author

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Joe Matar
Director of Marketing, Brazen

As the host of the popular series, Talent Acquisition Talks, the co-host of the podcast, Talent On The Rise, and the head of marketing at Brazen, Joe brings together his deep knowledge of the talent acquisition technology space with a critical understanding of the challenges and needs faced by the ever-evolving recruiting practitioner. Joe has also spent more than 8 years helping TA teams build and enhance their employer brands and recruitment marketing. 

Full Chapter List

Chapter 1 Introduction
Chapter 2 Candidate experience in healthcare
Chapter 3 Candidate experience by the numbers
Chapter 4 Methodology
Chapter 5 Nursing insights
Chapter 6 IT / customer service insights
Chapter 7 Facilities / cafeteria workers insights
Chapter 8 Healthcare recruiting action plan
Chapter 9 Conclusion