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The 2022 State of Hybrid Recruiting Report

Find out what companies and candidates are saying about virtual & hybrid hiring!
2022 State of Hybrid Recruiting Report Big Hero


What's In the Guide?

To better understand the state of hybrid recruiting and how different organizations are leveraging different combinations of in-person and virtual recruiting events to reach top talent today, Brazen conducted a survey of 230 Talent Acquisition (TA) professionals, ranging from TA Specialists to Directors and C-Suite Executives. We also included data from job seekers and candidates to find out their experiences from virtual hiring events.
Our research identified key findings regarding their hiring needs and goals, their current engagement with virtual events, hybrid recruiting usage in the TA field, and the top hybrid hiring strategies used across all industries.

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Get the most timely facts and benchmarks about the newest trends in tech hiring.
Find out how other organizations are leveraging virtual and hybrid hiring to solve shared challenges. 
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Share knowledge with other TA professionals about what works (and doesn't) in today's job market.