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Brazen Live Video Broadcast

It's more than just a video platform. It's a fully customizable and immersive online event experience.

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Set up in minutes

Brazen Live lives right within the Brazen virtual career fair platform which means that setting up a Brazen Live Broadcast is as easy as setting up a booth!

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Unlimited live broadcasts

All Brazen Live packages allow you to host unlimited broadcasts so you know exactly what you're going to pay.

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Invite attendees to chat

Once an event concludes, you can immediately start a one on one chat with attendees to answer any additional questions they may have.

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Share screen

Have something to share during your presentation? You and all the hosts can share their screens during a live presentation.

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Answer questions live

The best part about Brazen Live is that attendees can ask you questions during your presentation and you can answer those questions live.

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Record and share

Record your live broadcasts and turn the recordings into on-demand videos that your employer brand team can share after the event is done to get your great content in front of more candidates.

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Humanize your Recruiting

  • Invite your hiring managers to come speak to job seekers
  • Host internal recruiting events
  • Highlight your D&I initiatives
  • Connect with students for campus recruiting
  • Host a Q&A or an AMA where attendees can ask questions and your team can answer the questions live on the spot
  • Encourage candidates to join a text-based chat after the live broadcast is complete

Improve your Employer Brand

Brazen Live Video Broadcasts are one of the best ways to humanize the recruiting process. They allow you to put your people front and center in any Brazen event.

It's also a great way to enhance your employer brand in an immersive virtual event experience.

We have the only platform that allows you to represent your brand to the fullest and create a world-class employer brand. This is exactly the way you'll stay ahead of the competition and win that next great candidate!

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“With Brazen’s chat technology, we’re able to offer real-time access to KPMG leaders and recruiters. Candidates love it”

Eileen Raymond KPMG

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Find what's right for you

We offer a variety of pricing options depending on your size. Reach out to our team to learn more.