Chat during an online event

Chat is a vital part of your recruitment marketing efforts and happens during a scheduled online event between candidates and recruiters

Creating your online event is easy--create events in a matter of minutes.

Online events can be marketed as information sessions, hiring events, open houses, meetups or everything in between. The platform makes it easy to create an individual event or a series of events.



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Promote your events

Tap into your existing communication and marketing tools to let candidates know about upcoming events

Successful events rely on well executed marketing plans and Brazen makes your job of promoting events simple and seamless.

The Brazen software generates beautiful landing pages automatically for you. These event landing pages are designed to convert candidate interest into event registrations. Leverage email, SMS, social media, and job boards to drive candidates and prospects to your event landing pages and then track your campaign with custom tracking URLs and other data analytics tools.


Collect and analyze valuable data

Find better candidates, faster by leveraging the powerful data and analytics on candidates and events

Customizable registration pages allow you to collect specific candidate data that can help you prioritize your conversations. Use chat data to make better decisions about which candidates to move through the recruiting funnel.

Track pageviews, registrations, attendance conversions, candidate quality, and other relevant information to ensure that you’re constantly improving your recruitment marketing strategy and connecting the best candidates to your team.


Host your event

Offer a better experience for both candidates AND recruiters

The Brazen platform allows you to create a customized recruiting experience for your candidates.  You can build events around a variety of topics (booths) including jobs, company culture, geographic locations and any other category that could be interesting to candidates.

Conversations are all one-on-one (private), text-based and timed, which makes each chat personal and efficient. Review a candidate’s information while chatting and when the chat is over, jot down notes, review the transcript of the chat, and decide how to move forward with the candidate.


Assess and schedule interviews

Improve time-to-hire and cost-per-hire by engaging candidates quickly and efficiently

Once your event is over, you can access all candidate data including registration details, resumes and chat transcripts. With this information, you can quickly screen, qualify, and establish next steps from within the Brazen platform.  

You can also schedule a follow-up meeting or call, email the candidate directly, Skype with the candidate, or forward their information to another team member all from the Event History tab. 

“It gives potential candidates an experience unlike anything they’ve ever had before.”


Director, CVS Health Recruitment Marketing and Advertising

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