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Recruit top talent from universities across the country without having to visit campuses.

Fortune 500 companies rely on Brazen's campus recruitment platform to meet their early talent hiring goals while decreasing costs and saving time. Get started with a free personalized demo today and learn how you can:

  • Shorten your time-to-hire, time-to-fill and time-to-start
  • Decrease your cost per hire
  • Fill your candidate pipeline
  • Improve your candidate experience

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Brazen's campus recruitment software has all the features you need to meet your recruiting goals.

An all-in-one campus hiring solution that's easy to use and automates tasks.

Candidate Attraction & Conversion

Get more qualified candidates with our sourcing marketplace and easily identify top candidates

Tools & Process Efficiency

Reduce manual work for the entire talent acquisition team and consolidate multiple recruiting solutions into one platform

Employer Brand & Candidate Experience

Stand above competitors by increasing awareness of your benefits, core values and mission

Brazen's campus recruiting software let you do more with less

Brazen's online campus hiring solution allows talent acquisition teams to reduce hours spent on recruiting, all while decreasing candidate drop out and speeding up the hiring process. 

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What can you expect from a Brazen virtual career fair for campus recruitment?

Online career fairs are designed to help talent acquisition teams make meaningful connections with top candidates. You'll significantly decrease time spent on screening and interviewing, allowing candidates to move quicker through the hiring process. 

  • Video, audio, or text based interviewing capabilities 
  • Video broadcasting and panel presentation functionality
  • Interview scheduling and candidate rating features
  • Fully customizable lobbies and booths

Before Brazen, it would take a significant amount of time and effort to fill a job. [With Brazen] it’s all about the quality of candidates that we’re able to attract and the speed at which we are able to work.

Cheryl Arup
Cheryl Petersen
Regional Talent Resourcing Leader | Arup

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