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Why online chat dominates communication for Americans under age 50

Why phone calls and email have lost their effectiveness

How you can use chat to attract, engage, inform, and retain top talent

How you can become the hero for your recruiting team

Cool Customers Changing the Way They Engage

 "From an Employer Branding perspective, it creates a candidate experience unlike any other."

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Kerry Noone Employer Brand Manager, Amtrak

“We wanted a way to engage passive candidates. Somebody that isn’t going to fill out an application. We wanted candidates to be able to engage with us on a personal level without them having to do anything. Chat was a great solution for that"

Cathy Henesey Director of Talent Acquisition, AMITA Health
"I don't think we've ever seen those kinds of numbers from any other kind of recruiting format we've used before."
Quiana Peterson Instructional Recruitment Partner, Lake County Public Schools

We love helping our customers use chat to:

Build employer brand awareness and attract hard-to-reach talent

Attract and convert more jobsite visitors and passive job seekers into applicants

Engage and screen candidates more efficiently to reduce time and cost to hire

Improve company loyalty, internal mobility, and employee satisfaction

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