Fulton County School District uses Brazen to attract more quality candidates.

Learn how Fulton County SD uses Brazen attract more hire quality candidates a lot faster than the competition. Download the case study now!


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How does the fourth largest school district in the country engage with experienced candidates when they are constantly overwhelmed with a mountain of resumes? Well, at one point it was analogous to closing your eyes, sticking your hand into a bag of M&Ms and hoping to pull out a green one. In other words, ineffective.

But Fulton County Schools District (FCS) realized that in order to find the top teaching talent in the country, it would require a recruiting strategy that engaged candidates online. That’s why FCS turned to Brazen’s chat event software.


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Brazen gives potential candidates an experience unlike anything they’ve ever had before! -Kerry Noone, CVS Health - Director of Recruitment Marketing and Advertising

With Brazen’s chat technology, we’re able to offer real-time access to KPMG leaders and recruiters. Candidates love it! - Eileen Raymond, KPMG - Executive Director, Experienced Hire Recruiting

Candidates no longer have to submit an application to start the hiring process and have a conversation with us. - Becki Feldmann, SSM Health - System Leader for Talent Management Systems and Technology