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The Future of Virtual Multi-Employer Career Fairs for Hosts & Exhibitors

RECORDED WEBINAR: Thursday, April 15 at 1:00pm ET / 10:00am PT

Hiring our Heroes has been helping connect the military community with American businesses to create economic diversity and a strong, diversified workforce for over 10 years. Multi-employer career fairs have long been a part of their strategy, and over the past year, they adopted virtual career fairs due to the pandemic. Hear why they plan to continue using virtual multi-employer career fairs long term and their tips and best practices for both event hosts and event exhibitors to maximize results.

Our webinar will cover:


How Hiring Our Heroes plans to use virtual career fairs in the future


Their best practices for using Brazen's virtual event platform to host multi-employer events


How online tools like live broadcasts, video chat, scheduled chat, and customizable employer booths can provide a better experience for hosts and exhibitors


Tips and best practices for exhibitors to get the most out of multi-employer events

Join us to learn how you can benefit from virtual career fairs.


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Recorded Session Date

Thursday, April 15 at 1:00pm ET

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Webinar date

Thursday April 15 @ 1:00pm ET

Speaker - Mona Dexter

Chief of Staff & Senior Director of Operations & Communications for Hiring Our Heroes

Hiring Our Heroes is an initiative of the U.S. Chamber of Commerce Foundation.

Host - Joe Matar

VP of Marketing at Brazen