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Hamilton County Schools Expands Hiring Reach with Virtual Events

Learn how this school district partnered with Brazen to host a series of virtual events in order to meet (and exceed!) their hiring goals, including filling hard to find roles.

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Going into the next school year, we’re actually expanding out our community recruitment with the help of the Brazen platform, to make our events more accessible and easy to attend than ever.

-Jerica Johnson, HCS Talent Acquisition Manager for Elementary Schools and Diversity Initiatives

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Hear from real (and real happy) Brazen customers.

Brazen gives potential candidates an experience unlike anything they’ve ever had before! -Kerry Noone, CVS Health - Director of Recruitment Marketing and Advertising

With Brazen’s chat technology, we’re able to offer real-time access to KPMG leaders and recruiters. Candidates love it! - Eileen Raymond, KPMG - Executive Director, Experienced Hire Recruiting

Candidates no longer have to submit an application to start the hiring process and have a conversation with us. - Becki Feldmann, SSM Health - System Leader for Talent Management Systems and Technology