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Meet your hiring goals with Brazen’s all-in-one healthcare recruiting suite

Reach more qualified candidates and move them quickly through to hire with Brazen's hiring events and automated recruiting solutions. From sourcing to interviewing, Brazen saves you time and money at all stages of the hiring funnel. Our healthcare customers typically:
  • Reduce cost per hire by up to 50%

  • Cut time to hire by up to 60%

  • Expand candidate pools and increase application rates

  • Save time using automation and communication workflows

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Reduce Costs & Get Time Back

Worried about hitting your hiring goals with fewer resources? Brazen’s one-of-a-kind, all-inclusive approach to finding and hiring healthcare talent combines our powerful recruiting technology, like hiring events and live chat, targeted sourcing, and a-la-carte services that act as an extension of your team. 

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Hiring Events + Live Chat

Capture candidate interest significantly better than job reqs with Brazen Events and give candidates direct access to your team with Brazen Live Chat

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Sourcing Marketplace

Tap into healthcare talent pools with Brazen Sourcing Marketplace and give them a compelling reason to connect with your team during hiring events

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Services and Support

Grow your team without hiring. Brazen Services act as an extension of your recruiting. We are there if you need us to build events, landing pages, and more and on stand-by if you don’t

“Brazen technology allows candidates to have that sense of confidence. To have a connection with somebody up front, to help them navigate what sometimes can be a convoluted application process.”


Colin Lyle, System Director of Talent Acquisition

"The technology allows you to go back and see candidates. So it’s really an excellent second source of candidates outside of our applicant tracking system or any of the other traditional sourcing that we’ve done."

UI Health

Nick Haubach, Chief Human Resources Officer at UI Health

“We might travel to a remote location for an event, but we’ll generate interest and excitement with Brazen before, follow-up after, and if they can’t be on site, they can log in remotely.”

Houston Methodist

Carlos Fernandez, Talent Acquisition Manager

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