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Recorded Webinar: How to Host a Successful Virtual Hiring Event

The recruiting world is adapting as current events make it nearly impossible to hold in-person hiring events and career fairs. Virtual events are becoming the new normal as recruiters and hiring managers discover the convenience of hosting online hiring events that save them time and money, while broadening their reach.

Our webinar will cover:


Why recruiters are deciding to permanently switch to virtual hiring events


How to use Brazen's virtual hiring event platform for recruiting


How online tools like chatbots, video chat, and live broadcasts can provide a better candidate experience


Best practices to make sure you're prepared to host a successful event

Join us to learn how you can benefit from virtual hiring events and career fairs.

Access Recorded Webinar


Webinar date

Thursday October 29th @ 3pm EST

Speaker - Colin McKnight

Director of Business Development and Enterprise Accounts