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Learn About Admissions Personas like:

Generation Z Zoey, a recent high school graduate

High/Low Henry, a high-achieving, low-income student who is underserved by traditional admission efforts

Transfer Tracy, a soon-to-be community college transfer

International Isaac, a non-U.S. student seeking to attend an American university

Cool Customers Changing the Way They Engage

"Our admissions team really liked it. The one-on-one chat component gave them a chance to make a stronger connection with the prospective student.”
Ashley Demers Brand Marketing Strategist, Penn State World Campus
"We're meeting our prospective students where they are most comfortable asking real questions about a monumental decision."
Jackie Hopkins Director of Events & Visitor Relations, Drexel University
"Prospective students want to be able to use social media, talk to admissions and engage through chat. This allows them to do that.”
Shane Windmeyer Founder, Campus Pride

Learn how colleges and universities are using chat to:

Build the university reputation, attracting more applicants and converting accepted applicants into matriculated students.

Provide their students access to key members of the university community throughout the application process.

Provide current students easy access to professional career counseling and job search guidance.

Connect current students with alumni, as well as alumni with each other, to continue to add lifetime value to their college experience.

Top Universities Are Using Brazen