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Converts 25% of event attendees into paying association members

Engages over 40,000 members of the KU alumni association

Offers unprecedented professional and career development opportunities to their alumni

Unites a geographically dispersed group of alumni anywhere, anytime

What is Brazen?

Brazen is a chat-based event platform that helps the world's leading companies, universities and member organizations enable valuable, scalable conversations for their constituents. Connecting recruiters to job candidates, current students to successful alumni, and organizational members on one continent to another in chat-based events, Brazen is versatile, convenient, and fun for today's hyper-connected professionals.

Cool Customers Changing the Way They Engage

"Our event brought participants together from California, Beijing, and Alaska. I don’t know of any other networking event where we’re going to get that reach."
Tina Vance Knight.jpg
Tina Vance Knight Associate Director of Alumni Career Programming, Temple University
"We were thrilled to discover Brazen. It is a simple, yet sophisticated way for us to expand our reach to alumni who want connections."
Rochelle Reeves Senior Director of Advancement, IU Kelley School of Business
"Brazen designed the tool knowing a lot of things that people in career and alumni services needed."
Michael Steelman Director of Alumni Career Management and Professional Networks, William & Mary

Learn how colleges and universities are using chat to:

Build the university reputation, attracting more applicants and converting accepted applicants into matriculated students.

Provide their students access to key members of the university community throughout the application process.

Provide current students easy access to professional career counseling and job search guidance.

Connect current students with alumni, as well as alumni with each other, to continue to add lifetime value to their college experience.

Top Brands Are Using Brazen