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Lime Connect Takes Accessibility to a Whole New Level with Virtual Events

Learn how Lime Connect used virtual events to engage and give its members with both visible and non-visible disabilities the best chances of hiring success with some of the world's leading employers.

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“Lime Connect places high value on contracting with vendors who demonstrate a clear commitment to people with disabilities, and Brazen was one of them.”

-Susan Lang, Lime Connect President and CEO

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Don't Take Our Word For It

Hear from real (and real happy) Brazen customers.

Brazen gives potential candidates an experience unlike anything they’ve ever had before! -Kerry Noone, CVS Health - Director of Recruitment Marketing and Advertising

With Brazen’s chat technology, we’re able to offer real-time access to KPMG leaders and recruiters. Candidates love it! - Eileen Raymond, KPMG - Executive Director, Experienced Hire Recruiting

Candidates no longer have to submit an application to start the hiring process and have a conversation with us. - Becki Feldmann, SSM Health - System Leader for Talent Management Systems and Technology