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The Recruiting Chatbot Revolution

The ONLY comprehensive playbook on the market on all things recruiting chatbots
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What's In the eBook?

That's right, we just wrote the book, well, the eBook, on recruiting chatbots, and we are giving it away for free to help recruiters better navigate this new and fast growing technology. This eBook is jammed packed with literally answers to every question you might have on recruiting chatbots. From the benefits, to 7 examples of companies using chatbots, to the skills that recruiters will need in a future that will likely be dominated by chatbots and AI, this eBook has it all. So don't delay, fill out the form and get your copy today!

Recruiting chatbots are on the rise. Find out which other companies are using chatbots. And how.
Learn how recruiting chatbots can help you boost your hires.
Is an investment in recruiting chatbots worth it for your company? Find out in our eBook.

About the Author

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Joe Matar
Director of Marketing, Brazen

As the host of the popular series, Talent Acquisition Talks, and the head of marketing at Brazen, Joe brings together his deep knowledge of the talent acquisition technology space with a critical understanding of the challenges and needs faced by the ever-evolving recruiting practitioner. Joe has also spent more than 8 years helping TA teams build and enhance their employer brands. 

Full Chapter List

Chapter 1 Introduction
Chapter 2 What are recruiting chatbots?
Chapter 3 Chatbots and humans live in harmony
Chapter 4 Why use a chatbot?
Chapter 5 Which employers are using chatbots?
Chapter 6 Incorporating into your TA team
Chapter 7 Recruiting chatbot best practices
Chapter 8 Measure the success of chatbots
Chapter 9 Best recruiting chatbot companies
Chapter 10 Recruiter skills for the future