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What is Brazen?

Brazen is a chat-based event platform that helps the world's leading companies, universities and member organizations enable valuable, scalable conversations for their constituents. Connecting recruiters to job candidates, current students to successful alumni, and organizational members on one continent to another in chat-based events, Brazen is versatile, convenient, and fun for today's hyper-connected professionals.

We love helping our customers use chat to:

Bring a globally dispersed group together anywhere, anytime

Attract and engage with the people that matter most

Offer conversations that have measurable outcomes

Reduce the costs & resources of traditional, in-person events

Cool Customers Changing the Way They Engage

"Our event brought participants together from California, Beijing, and Alaska. I don’t know of any other networking event where we’re going to get that reach."
Tina Vance Knight.jpg
Tina Vance Knight ‎Senior Associate Director of Alumni Career Services, Temple University
"From an Employer Branding perspective, it creates a candidate experience unlike any other."
Kerry Noone.jpg
Kerry Noone Employer Brand Manager, Amtrak
"I ran into an Operations Director and he came up to me with a big smile and said, ‘We attended your event. It was fun. It was awesome. We got really good candidates from it and we’ll do it again.'"
Jeff Phillips.jpg
Jeff Phillips CEO, Accountingfly

Top Brands Are Using Brazen