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Control which candidates you connect with and when, all within the Brazen virtual event platform.

Learn how you can identify top candidates & invite them to chat at a scheduled time.


Scheduled Chat Manage Availability

  • Representatives can now manage their schedules better at events by blocking off time slots for when they are unavailable.

Individual Scheduled Chat Invitations Emails Are Editable.

  • Representatives can change their invitation details by editing the subject line and email body content of Scheduled Chat emails sent to individual registrants.

Reschedule & Cancel Scheduled Chats

  • Representatives and registrants now have the option to cancel or reschedule previously scheduled chats, and leave a note for the person they are connecting with to explain why they can no longer attend.
Lake County School District has been a long-time Brazen customer, using Brazen’s virtual hiring event platform to achieve their hiring goals. One of the ways in which Lake County School District has been able to find and connect with high-quality candidates is through Brazen’s Scheduled Chat feature. This is such a powerful feature that across all Brazen customers 90% of candidates who accept a Scheduled Chat invitation attend the virtual event.

For Lake County School District recruiters the benefits don’t stop there. First, recruiters are scheduling more interviews than they had in previous events, because candidates appreciate the personal outreach before the event. Additionally, recruiters and candidates can prepare ahead of time making the conversations more meaningful and productive for both parties.

Brazen’s Scheduled Chat is a feature that Lake County School District recruiters can’t live without.

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