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SourceCon DC Webinar: Source Like a Champion: Secrets of a 3-Time SourceCon Hackathon Winner

RECORDED WEBINAR: Wednesday, November 18 at 2:00pm ET

Learn the secrets to sourcing success from three-time SourceCon Hackathon champion Ben Solomon. He’ll share his favorite tips, little-known tricks, and important lessons learned from his 12+ years in sourcing that helped him be crowned champion of the sourcing hackathon of hackathons (so often, in fact, that he’s not even allowed to compete anymore!)

In this session you’ll learn:


The tools and techniques he used to bring home the hackathon win(s!), and how to apply these to everyday sourcing problems


How to approach every challenge you face in sourcing with a true research mindset, and how this can deliver the results you need


Tried and true strategies for breaking out of “Sourcer’s Block”


And more!

Watch the recorded webinar to learn these sourcing best practices.

Wednesday, November 18 at 2:00pm ET

View The Recorded Webinar

Recorded Webinar date

Wednesday November 18 @ 2pm ET

Speaker - Ben Solomon

Director of Sourcing at Objective Paradigm

Ben Solomon is Director of Sourcing at Objective Paradigm, an IT recruiting firm headquartered in Chicago. Ben has over 12 years of experience building and managing OP's sourcing team, leading client sourcing engagements, and training sourcers and recruiters on sourcing tools, technologies, and techniques. Ben is a frequent conference speaker and three-time SourceCon hackathon champion.