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How to Use Talent Acquisition as a Retention Tool with Ben Eubanks

RECORDED WEBINAR: Thursday, September 23 at 1:00pm ET / 10:00am PT

Listen to our keynote speaker and special guest Ben Eubanks, Chief Research Officer for Lighthouse Research & Advisory, as he takes us on a deep dive into pandemic-related technology and recent shifts in the modern Human Resources and TA space, including hot topics such as virtual recruiting trends, recruiting automation, DEI hiring, retention, and talent mobility.

Our webinar covers:


How candidate and employer priorities have changed from one year to the next.


Virtual recruiting trends today and the true value of recruiting automation.


How internal mobility and DEI hiring serve as critical, linked components in the modern TA strategy.


Why leveraging data and technology will support hiring goals both now and in the future.

Recorded Webinar

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Webinar Date

Thursday, September 23 @ 1:00 pm ET

Speaker - Ben Eubanks

Chief Research Officer

Lighthouse Research and Advisory

Host - Joe Matar

Vice President, Marketing