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The State of Healthcare Recruiting Report 

Our research uncovers the top healthcare recruiting challenges right now along with what strategies and tech healthcare TA teams are using to beat the odds.
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What's In the Guide?

To find out the most up-to-date trends influencing the healthcare industry today, Brazen conducted a 2022 survey of 88 healthcare Talent Acquisition professionals ranging from TA Specialists to Directors and C-Suite executives working in recruiting within health-focused organizations of varying sizes.
In this report we identify the the main issues that are top-of-mind in healthcare hiring today, such as the challenges professionals are looking to overcome, and the strategies and technology they're implementing to engage candidates, achieve better hires, retain employees, and deliver higher standards of care during the global hiring crisis and national healthcare professional shortage. 

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Observe the biggest pain points in healthcare hiring today, such as candidate attraction and retention.
Discover the top benefits of virtual hiring events as rated by the organizations that use them.
Learn practical strategies others use to drive applicant activity and job seeker engagement.