Watch our presenters, Kevin Grossman, Talent Board President of Global Programs, Madeline Laurano, Co-founder at Aptitude Research Partners and Becki Feldmann, System Leader for Talent Management Systems at SSM Health, as they share data on the recruiting experience and discuss ways to create meaningful experiences for candidates, recruiters and hiring managers.

Watch this webinar to learn how top healthcare organization, SSM Health, is investing in the recruiting experience to attract and engage candidates for hard-to-fill roles. 

You'll hear from Madeline, Kevin and Becki on:

  • The state of the recruiting experience economy (hint: it's not good!)
  • Data and trends on where top organizations are investing to improve the recruitment experience
  • Details on how SSM Health has taken the recruiting experience to new levels

Watch this webinar to learn more about how your organization can excel at providing candidates, recruiters and hiring managers with a great experience while improving hiring times and finding top talent.


Becki Feldmann

System Leader for Talent Management Systems, SSM Health

Becki Feldmann is the System Leader for Talent Management Systems and Technology at SSM Health.  She has been with the organization for 13 years. Most recently, she has been a key player in prioritizing the organization's commitment to candidate experience.  As a result of this work, SSM Heath was one of only three health care organizations to receive the CandE Award from the Talent Board in 2016.  SSM was also recognized by Glassdoor for Best Places to interview in 2016.  SSM Health believes that the way they treat candidates will be the differentiator that makes them choose SSM Health as an employer…and as a health care provider.


Madeline Laurano

Co-Founder at Aptitude Research Partners

Madeline Laurano is the co-founder at Aptitude Research Partners which is a research-based analyst and advisory firm focused on the new conversation required by changes in how technology is delivered and utilized by today's organizations. Our goal is to look beyond the obvious product capabilities to identify the real differentiators organizations should consider when selecting solutions, as well as the change management and change readiness capabilities users must have in place for successful technology adoption.


Kevin Grossman

Talent Board President of Global Programs

Kevin W. Grossman is the Talent Board president of global programs responsible for all aspects of the Candidate Experience Awards worldwide. He also produces and hosts “world of work” podcasts including The CandEs Shop Talk, Reach West Radio and Working Tech. Kevin has over 18 years of domain expertise in the human resource and talent acquisition industry.