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Best Practices for Hosting Virtual College Career Fairs & Community Events

RECORDED WEBINAR: Thursday, May 13th at 2:00pm ET / 11:00am PT

The pandemic posed many challenges to faculty members, partner organizations, and students trying to rebuild the sense of connection they had in their earlier in-person events. But through perseverance and strategic thinking, this academic institution perfected the art of using virtual events to connect to larger audiences than ever before. So join the careers and experiential learning team from Trent University to hear what half a year of virtual career fairs and a student-focused research event have taught them about leveraging virtual platforms to boost the overall engagement, attendance, and community impact of their online events.

Our webinar will cover:


Why Trent University and their partner schools are planning to use virtual career fairs and other virtual events in the future


How to use Brazen's virtual career fair platform 


How online tools like live broadcasts, video chat, scheduled chat, and customizable employer booths can provide a better experience for students and employers


Proven tips to promote and host experiential and academic events

Join us to learn how you can benefit from virtual career fairs.



Webinar Date

Thursday, May 13th @ 2:00pm EST

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Webinar date

Thursday May 13th @ 2:00pm EST

Speaker - Ryan Sisson

Team Lead, Community + Workplace Partnerships at Trent University

Speaker - Joe Matar

VP of Marketing at Brazen

Speaker - Hermella Tekle

Account Manager at Brazen