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Drive candidates to your hiring events with Brazen's Sourcing Marketplace

We promote your events across our diverse sourcing partners to drive qualified and interested candidates into your hiring funnel. Not only does this save your team the time and energy needed to successfully market an event, but it also allows you to:

  • Tap into new talent pools that you’re currently missing
  • Access diverse candidates to further your DEI initiatives
  • Get more hires from your marketing spend
Hear why employers choose Brazen’s Sourcing Marketplace in our
Brazen EXPERTS interview with Drew Hebble,
VP of Marketing Solutions
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Sourcing & Recruitment Marketing-Focused Courses 

As a recruiter or talent acquisition leader, you probably already know that your job is largely about marketing. Courses in brazenU can help you navigate the sourcing and recruitment marketing landscape and learn how to effectively reach and attract the qualified and interested candidates your organization needs.

Learn about what defines sourcing and recruiting and how they differ and intersect, role type considerations, event strategy, active and passive marketing channel best practices and timelines, and tracking, analyzing, and acting on your results.

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